Is Bread of Life Fellowship for you?

Honestly, Bread of Life Fellowship is not for everyone. Our no-nonsense approach to ministry and family-integrated worship services are not for the modern Christian desiring to be entertained for a couple of hours on Sunday morning.

But if you:

  • Are a serious and dedicated, disciple of Christ, at Bread of Life, you will find other like-minded believers who have been saved and sanctified by grace, who love God and others, and are not afraid to bear the light of Christ in this dark world.
  • Desire to know Christ in a deeper, more intimate way, that is why we are here. Eternal life is knowing God - and the chief end of everything that we do in our fellowship is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
  • Love the Word of God, you will be excited to be a part of our services where we uphold the Scripture as the sufficient authority for everything in life, and teach it systematically. We are dedicated to verse by verse exposition in all of our services.
  • Have been called by God to pastor or teach the Word, Bread of Life can be the place for you to be trained for future eldership. Perhaps better than any Bible college, we offer the opportunity for individual discipleship training, education, and hands-on experience for men of God called to the pastorate with a common understanding and interpretation of the Scripture (see our Statement of Faith for more details).
  • Love God and desire to worship Him in the beauty of holiness, you will cherish the opportunity to worship God corporately in a reverent manner. While we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take God and the Gospel seriously in our meetings. You will not find many jokes, anecdotes, or mindless music; you will find Christ-exalting sermons, music, and fellowship.
  • Love others and desire to be knit together with other Christians who share common convictions, Bread of Life Fellowship offers just that! Our emphasis is not in growing a large church but to foster meetings in homes and small groups. In and of itself this provides a better opportunity for real relationships and true Biblical fellowship, as described in the book of Acts as, "being of one mind".
  • Believe that we are nearing the time of Christ's return, we share that belief and preach the blessed hope of the immanency of His coming. The Scripture admonishes us to be a part of a thriving fellowship as we see that day approaching.
  • Find that you are not growing as much in grace and faith as you could, our emphasis on teaching the Word of God will challenge you to believe and live the abundant life. You will not be fed "pre-digested food" but will be encouraged and equipped to grow through your personal study of the Scripture and seeking God's will for yourself.

So if you are in any of the above categories, seek the Lord, as to whether He would have you fellowship with us. We invite you to visit one of our services to find out more about us. Or contact us: by phone (toll free) 1-866-38-BREAD, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or regular mail at Bread of Life Fellowship, PO Box 133, New Milford, NJ 07646.

If you are not yet a Christian, you may be surprised!You certainly will not want to discount attending a service or Bible study. Without a lot of the nonsense found in today's churches, at Bread of Life meetings, you will find serious minded, down-to-earth individuals who love God. Bread of Life meetings are designed to allow the God of Scripture to reveal Himself to you as He pleases. If you have not been born-again, that is you do not trust Jesus Christ in a personal way as the only Savior and Lord, please call us or talk with an elder at one of our services, or email us asking for the free CD entitled, "Eat This Bread and Live".