What to Expect

People: Sunday morning attendance is between 80 and 90 people of all ages and nationalities – children, teens, families, couples, and single people. Dress tends to be generally casual, but you can find anything from jeans to suits.

Time: We are renting space from another church, so we work around their schedule. On Sunday morning at 10:15 am we offer our BOLD Courses, where we learn about God’s Word and its application to all areas of life – these courses rotate on a four semester schedule organized into 8 week courses with 5 week breaks. Following that, at 11:30 am we have our Sunday morning service.

Order: Our worship service begins with a Call to Worship/Pastoral Prayer offered by an elder of the church. After briefly greeting each other, we sing. The music we sing at BOLF is a blend of old and new. We love both doctrinally sound old hymns and doctrinally rich modern songs. Many in our church who were comfortable with music from one era have come to enjoy other songs they had not previously encountered from another generation. We emphasize corporate singing accompanied by a few instruments over performed music and choirs, which tend to encourage passivity. Our worship includes a systematic reading through the historical books of the Bible.

Sermon: Preaching at BOLF is usually expository, meaning that it seeks to declare the point of a particular Bible passage. They are typically verse by verse, and part of series in a particular book. Sermons usually last about an hour and are packed with material for further study and application. You will hear any one of a few men preach the Word, but we seek to have all or our sermons Gospel-centric – the message of God saving sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ should be at the heart of the message.

Communion: After the sermon and a brief time of silent reflection, we sing a hymn capturing the theme of the sermon and partake together at the Lord’s Table, where another man encourages us with the Gospel. Visitors who are born-again are welcome to participate in the Lord’s Table. A typical service is finished between 1:15 and 1:30 pm.

Fellowship: Twice a month we have food or bagels and coffee downstairs in our fellowship area. It is not uncommon to find some folks still talking over the sermon and the things of God two hours later!